Starting as a small creative determined to share his art with the world, Pierre has grown his art into a luxury streetwear brand designed for the best and boldest. His designs are for those who want to stand against the crowd in striking gothic looks that will turn more than just a few heads.


We are more than just clothes. We are streetwear for the best and boldest of us.

Starting from the creative mind of designer Pierre, we are proud to dress the best and boldest. Our designs are meant to be just as striking as the people who wear them.

Our brand is most recognized for our classic look featuring a dramatic contrast of black and white and strong gothic elements. However, we have many collections that are tailored to specific looks. All of our designs accomplish the same core mission: to be as bold as you are.


Mob Ties started as a way to share designs from an up-and-coming band. Now our designs have grown into a brand of their own with its own unique culture and community. While we stand as our own unique company, we will always have ties back to our beginnings.

Since our inception, we have always been about creating streetwear designs that stand out. Our bold designs often feature striking imagery, strong contrast, and vulgar messages to shock and awe not just those who see the designs, but those who are bold enough to rock it.


ASK OUR FANS - We have been proud to clothe some of the biggest names in the biggest industries including rappers, NFL and NBA players, and many more. While we are luxury, we aren't just for the big names: we are for those who are as bold as we are.

QUALITY - From our 3M hoodies to our one-of-a-kind flannels, every piece of clothing we produce is of the highest quality possible. We have chosen a special blend of fabrics tailored specially for our prints and patches to ensure that our designs look good and will keep looking good for a long time.

UNIQUE DESIGNS - All of our designs are produced by our head designer, Pierre. Each design is hand-crafted using a variety of physical and digital hardware and go through several drafts before resulting in the final product. This process ensures that our designs look as sharp as they make you feel.